Thursday, June 7, 2012

talkin' TURKEY

I was fortunate enough to spend over 3 weeks in Turkey (March 29 to April 23). What an amazing country.  Population: almost 80 million. Size: larger than the state of Texas at 301,000 square miles, with over 5,235 miles of coastline.  Istanbul is a modern, dynamic, cosmopolitan city.  The first 9 days I was with my friend Lizzy.  We rented a car and toured the Turkish Turquoise coast, so beautiful!  I then joined a 15 day Intrepid tour that covered some new areas.  Great group and a lot of fun.  I love Turkey, the place, the people, the coast, the history, I even like crazy, crowded Istanbul.

Great airline, moddern fleet and excellent service.

Simple but elegant Turkish flag, seen everywhere.


Our Turquoise Coast route.
Inset map is of Antalya.

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